Save Snap packages on Windows


Usual story here. Corporate environment where there’s a “user” proxy and separate “applications” proxy.

User laptops have access to the user proxy, but not the app proxy. Servers have access to the app proxy, but not the user proxy.

There’s a lengthy process to get a proxy login for the servers. Doable but takes ages.

Laptops are all Windows 10, locked down and no WSL… but Cygwin is there.

I need MicroK8s and the Core Snap packages and can see the “snap save” CLI option but alas no snap tool on Windows.

Is there any possible way given the constraints above, I can download these two packages via Windows 10 with no local admin, no WSL…? Direct download URLs of the package files maybe?


Mr Anders

It is possible. You can curl the snap store API and get results that will have the download URL’s in them. There may be a more straightforward approach, not sure.