Rustc installing error on s390x

Hey There,

for my builds on arch s390x I’m permanently running into this error:

info: installing component 'rustc'
error: error: 'File too big rustc-1.50.0-s390x-unknown-linux-gnu/rustc/lib/ 220673248'

  stable-s390x-unknown-linux-gnu installed - rustc 1.50.0 (cb75ad5db 2021-02-10)

info: default toolchain set to 'stable-s390x-unknown-linux-gnu'
    Updating index

Does anyone has encountered such a thing too?

Does not seem like you are alone - upstream issue @

It’s unclear to me from the issue but maybe you can use a different rust channel? If using core/core18 the rust plugin has the “rust-channel” property.