Running a snap in a new terminal


I wanted some advice. I maintain the zork snap. This snap runs in the shell. But I want to add an icon and run it on a new terminal. This way you can discover how to run it easier.

For it to run on all distributions I can not expect to be any default terminal. Which terminal should I use? Gnome terminal needs a lot of X and Gnome libs… So, is a good idea to use xterm?

Do you know an example of this? Some snap starting an app in a xterm?

Thanks to all

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If I understand what you want, I don’t think you need to include a terminal in your snap, or even do much snap-specific. What you need is a .desktop file.

For example, does the htop snap do what you want? htop includes a .desktop file. The line


tells your system to run htop in a terminal.


Agreed. We have a few snaps which do this. @elcste is absolutely right, no need to bundle a terminal. Just drop a zork.desktop and zork.png in your snap/gui folder, making sure the Terminal=true line is there, and Icon=${SNAP}/meta/gui/zork.png and you should be good for the next build.

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it worked perfect!! Thanks to you and @popey

I was using an old snap experiment that used an “metadata” folder. Maybe it was and old version of snapcraft?

I think the only quirk is that if I add it to favorites and click it twice, it will open zork two times. But know is available to people that do not how to open a shell. :heart_eyes:

I am going to push to the store in a couple of hours.

Just pushed the snap up!

You can try it if you want. Thanks for the help

That worked. It launched from the icon to my default terminal on Ubuntu 20.04. Thanks for updating the snap!


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Is not my app, but I want the best experience for the users

Is and old app and I do not want to change the code. Now I ask for the home plug becouse the app saves games in the current folder. I want to use the snap folder, but i do not know if they will work…

If you know what more should I do to improve it, please tell me