Run a different snap command from my snap

Hello All,

Need some idea on how to run a different snap command from within my new snap in strict mode?
Tried using (for eg.)

    - test-wethr/edge/devmode

but not sure how I can run the child snap commands (test-wethr) from parent snap to get the output in parent snap. In this example the command is “test-wethr”

$ test-wethr
London, GB: 17.04C 🌧

Can anyone share any idea on this?


Using the full path to the executable should work, the shebang may need adjusting or prepending the interpreter to the “command” should solve that issue

thanks for the reply @sergiusens.

Could you please elaborate on the interpreter workaround? I am not sure how to get the fullpath of the command from within the snap yet… I am trying to figure it out.