RPi4 for Core20 FDE, UEFI, Gadget available?

Ubuntu Core20 Custom Image is still stuck with UBoot ?

any FDE and uEFI article with gadget or any threads available ?

or start pi-gadget with fde or uefi branch ?

Neither the RPI4 nor the SoC have a TPM, so to implement any FDE mechanism relying on TPM you would have to use a had. There are kernel fde hooks that can implement such mechanism, probably a matter of implementing those in your kernel snap. For starters in the snapd source tree, there’s a fde-setup-hook implementation we use in the tests. See UC20 full-disk-encryption hook interface for some docs on this.

As for UEFI boot on RPi4, is there some progress you’d like to share?

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I am still checking, not finish yet.

I will update in this thread. when it’s done with UC Images, I will write the TPM guide.