Roblox Linux Wrapper - the developer up for a snap package!

Roblox is another hassle and cry on Linux. But help might be under way to make it reasonable enough to even setup for an attempt on Ubuntu.

It’s amazing that according to official Roblox devs, a working native Linux was over 90% ready and the ball was suddenly dropped.

Would make all so fast and easy indeed.

I play Roblox on linux on a daily basis. Some special effects such as explosions can crash the game but I haven’t had too much problem with that. There was a really big issue with in-game mouse support holding on to the cursor but that disappeared after a Roblox update earlier this year.

I launch Roblox normally from Firefox after updating my MIME defaults for roblox-player, adding a .desktop file to ~/.local/share/applications and a script that “finds” a version of roblox installed.

Oh it’s not about the perfromance here, but about the easiness to get it running! What you described is already WAY too much for a normal user who just would like to download, install and click to play.

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I agree 100%!

But in case someone takes up the challenge I thought I’d detail what is working for me :slight_smile: That “mouse hack” is quite prevalent. The wine prefix would also need to be in the snap common directory so that Roblox can update itself as needed.

well that didnt last long.