Rob-cos-grafana-agent system-files interfaces

Hello, I am creating a “fork” of the Grafana agent snap to have a more recent version, as well as manage a new mode for the agent, the flow mode.

Snap name: rob-cos-grafana-agent

Account name: Ubuntu Robotics Community

The current revision uploaded requires two manual reviews.

  • etc-grafana-agent, system-files:
    • Necessary to read /etc/grafana-agent.river configuration file from the host.
  • proc-sys-kernel-random, sytem-files:
    • Necessary to read /proc/sys/kernel/random/write_wakeup_threshold, /proc/sys/kernel/random/read_wakeup_threshold, /proc/sys/kernel/random/poolsize and /proc/sys/kernel/random/urandom_min_reseed_secs so the Grafana agent node-exporter can collect information about the CPU.

Thank you.

@review-team is there anything else I need to provide?