Revoke/De-register private snap name

I am having issues with deregistering snap names on Snapcraft.

  1. I cannot find a way to deregister a snap name. I would like to clean up the name that I have registered for testing.
  2. I tried deleting the snaps from the snap store. However, could not find any option to delete the snaps or the versions.

Could anybody help in deregistering snap names? I need to de-register the name “steampipe” that I have used and remove the releases inside as well. I would like to create a new snap with the same name later.


Then do you really need to unregister the name? Doing so would make it possible for someone ELSE to register it.

@kyrofa Yes, I would like to unregister the name and then register with the same name in the future from a different account.
Can anyone help me unregister the snap name and remove everything inside as well?


You can also just transfer the snap name to another account from your current account

@ijohnson That seems feasible. What is the process for it? Is there a doc or do I need anyone from Canonical to do it for me?

I can help.

Please add the destination account as a collaborator to the snap, then let me know here (or via Direct Message if you prefer) the snap’s name and destination account. I can then complete the transfer.

  • Daniel
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@roadmr Thanks, that would be great. Let me get back to you as soon as I create the new account and get it linked with mine.