Reviews, Downloads, etc?

Hi everyone I’m new to Linux/Unbuntu so sorry if my question seems very very basic.

I browsed the STORE but it seems some usual features are missing. Or is it juts me who couldn’t see them?

  1. I can’t sort the apps by name, total download (most popular), etc. The missing sort by alphabetical order is annoying. It forces us to keep searching until we find what we need. And we might even miss it a browse all the pages again and again. Or is it just me who missed the option/button/drop down menu to sort the snaps by alphabetical order?

  2. Reviews: I know that many reviews can be misleading but they still can help if very careful and are able to spot most of the fake and paid reviews. Is there a reason why there are none?

  3. Total download: Again it can be misleading, but it also gives a good indication.

  4. All we see is the name of the game and the developer’s name. There’s no short description. I don;t think that I’m going to click on every single snap to read more about it. It’s a huge waste of time and very annoying over that.

The more snaps in the future, the more annoying all this will be. This, unless I missed the sorting, etc…


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