Reviews are shared across Snaps, Flatpaks and apt packages

The netbeans snap and the package on ubuntu-disco-updates-universe share the same reviews in Ubuntu Software on 19.04.

This is an issue because now users can’t make a good decision about which package and which software version works better. I have no clue why this is happening so I don’t know where to report this/who to contact.

It seems as if this issue is not isolated. Okular has the same issue, but in KeepassXC, the reviews are correctly separated.

Anyone from the desktop team able to comment on this? @jamesh, @kenvandine? This has some ironic side effects like a review complaining about the 1GB Flatpak on the store page of the Foliate snap which is only* 95,5 MB.

*(and the snap will soon be only a few KB big when the next gnome-3-28-1804 platform snap gets pushed to stable)

In my opinion, reviews should help user find the best package for their needs. The current behavior goes against that completely.

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The ODRS maintainer has decided to merge all reviews for the same project server-side which is why you are seeing this.

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Following on from Robert’s response, I can see a rationale for the decision to merge reviews for different packagings of the application. While a review like the one you’ve pointed out might not be useful for packagings other than the flatpak, a review of the actual application is likely to apply to all packagings of the app, whether it is a snap, flatpak, deb, rpm or some other format.

Sites like Amazon are similar, where a product page will show you a merged list of reviews for hard cover, paperback, and ebook variants of a novel. This does mean that you will occasionally see reviews complaining about ebook formatting on the paperback product page, or complaints about spelling errors in the paperback version that have been patched out of the ebook version. But for the majority of cases, the review is going to apply to all versions of the book.

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