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Few days ago I linked my github repo to snapcraft in order to auto-build when I push commits, it is very convenient. But 3 days ago I release the 2 version of my app (converternow) and the status is ReviewQueued since 3 days. If some tests have failed can someone tell me what was wrong and how can I fix it in order to release immediatly? I’m sorry, I don’t have a lot of experience with linux, I’m a flutter devloper.

Hi, sorry about this, the review task was stuck, I’ve unwedged it.

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I see you changed the dbus name for the snap - I have just updated the snap declaration to include the new dbus bus name so it now passes automated review.

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Thanks a lot @alexmurray, but let me better understand. Also last time (the first time) I had some problem with dbus name. What should I change in order to passes automatic review?

    interface: dbus
    bus: session
    name: com.ferrarid.converternow

Thanks! In this way I will not post on the forum every time I have to submit a new update

Use of particular dbus names has to be granted via a reviewer - so if you chance the dbus name the store sees a new one and blocks it until it is granted manually - but once it is granted then subsequent uploads should pass review.

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