Review sprint #1


We have quite a few pending PRs open ranging from major features all the way to trivial tweaks. To ensure these get addressed timely, we’ll have a more focused effort over the next few days to work through them. If you are an author or a reviewer, let’s please collaborate towards that.

Below we have the PRs which were open when the sprint started this morning, and perhaps a few important ones that were opened later and then integrated into the sprint.

For any required updates unrelated to status changes, please comment below. Status changes will be updated regularly and automatically.

##Status of each PR:

  • :white_circle: Pending review
  • :white_circle: Closed without merging
  • :gear: Review in progress
  • :white_check_mark: Reviewed and accepted
  • :white_check_mark: Merged
  • :jack_o_lantern: Broken spread tests (click to see)

Implement snap-update-ns

Aliases v2

Interface hooks


##Repair capability




55 total → ( 2 waiting → 8 reviewing → 0 reviewed → 41 merged ) → 45 closed

Updates to the board since creation:

  • Now broken spread tests are highlighted and linked to with :jack_o_lantern:
  • Progress stats at the bottom of the board

@chipaca @mvo in the morning I need 2nd reviews of:

#3192: many: implement snap unalias (aliases v2)
#3239 many: show alias changes on snap alias/unalias (aliases v2)

after that comes:

#3220 many: implement snap prefer (aliases v2)

but probably easier if the other two are merged first, also become it needs its own tweaks to show what changes happened…

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Those get stale as the tests are re-tried. Do I understand correctly that the board is now automatically updated by a script of some sort?

@niemeyer Could you please move #3119 and #3120 to the “Interface hooks” section?

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@zyga-snapd Yes, there’s a script that updates it. Still manually run for now, but mostly automatic. There was indeed a bug in the logic checking for statuses, and it’s now fixed. Thanks for raising the issue.

@pstolowski Done!

@zyga-snapd Any chance we can get the error handling simplifications for snap-confine that we discussed back in early march and tersely described in #3026? This is waiting there for a while now… is there anything blocking it, or is it just waiting on the pipeline?

It’s just waiting in the pipe. I’ll send it today.

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Apologies for the lack of updates on the board last week, and also the delays on acting on the reviewing itself. Some of us were in a planning sprint last week and that got everything delayed. Despite that, several PRs moved on thanks to the good folks that continue to push things forward meanwhile.

The board was just brought up-to-date, and we’re now picking this up again and driving to a conclusion in the next few days.

The first reviewing sprint is now finished!

We’ve run the sprint for 3 weeks, except we had an unrelated sprint in the middle which took the attention of some of us away from it for quite a while. Even then, we’ve managed to review and close 45 pull requests within that time frame, which is in fact more than we had on the board when the sprint started (after the first few days we added a few more). A few still remain, and will be sorted organically over the next days.

Thank you very much to everyone who joined ensuring PRs that were long open were properly sorted.