Review request for 'inoxision-plustekmanager'



just pushed first release of our web app for management of our custom plustek scanner app.

It’s a Xojo web app. So i need ‘keep-execstack’


  • Found files with executable stack. This adds PROT_EXEC to mmap(2) during mediation which may cause security denials. Either adjus t your program to not require an executable stack, strip it with ‘execstack --clear-execstack …’ or remove the affected file from y our snap. Affected files: PlustekManager Libs/, PlustekManager Libs/



Hey @areichmann,

Is this request still valid? I see you did not get such error in the last revisions, probably you already updated your snap. In any case, I leave this doc for further reference in case you have questions Snap and executable stacks.


Since this request doesn’t appear to be required anymore for this snap I am removing the request from our internal queue at this time. Please let us know if this is still required @areichmann and we can re-add it back in that case.