Reverse Engineering Sony Cameras

This is a small application I found on Github. There is a Windows and Mac executable build but no executable for Linux. The page says it works on Linux and there are some instructions but actually it doesn’t work. The problems might be that it is built using Python3 and Ubuntu 20.04 I think has a newer version so some of the terminology doesn’t match up. I get an error saying that there is no such thing as Tkinter on my system but I specifically installed that I I’m just scratching my head. Anyway, such a small app seems like it would be a good candidate for Snap as all the dependencies that are different from the system could all be packaged together and made to work.

For me personally I would really appreciate being able to use this app so I can change the language on my Sony Camera because Sony forces you use an desktop application to be able to set that function if you buy the camera in Japan.