Retroarch + SC-Controller not recognized

Reguarding Retroarch snap with the use of the Steam Controller through the application SC-Controller to emulate an Xbox360 controller:

As recommended the snap is connectet with joystick and raw-usb

Retroarch should detect the steam controller as xbox controller and allow to be configured as such.
The controller doesn’t get detected. However i can switch through the SC-Controller app to a desktop-layout which allows keyboard and mouse input with the controller (but that’s not practical).

Retroarch added via PPA and apt or flatpak detects the steam controller as xbox controller with no problem.

Why can’t retroarch snap access the steam controller?

I really should troubleshoot befor i post it.

Solution is simple: Change the inputdriver of the joypad within Retroarch to linuxraw and everything works. I don’t know why but it works for anybody with the same problem.

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I’ll also mention that a steam controller needs a number of udev rules (one rather unfortunate (KERNEL=="uinput")) to work on the system and snapd doesn’t currently add these. On Ubuntu, installing ‘steam-devices’ deb will put these into place. We’ll be looking at updates to snapd on how to ship these udev rules so people don’t need an external package.


Thanks for the solution… appreciate it.