RetroArch: help with issue on first launch

Dear snapcrafters,

Could someone help the RetroArch team fix an issue occuring on first launch after installation of their official snap.

One can run snap install retroarch just fine, but subsequent snap run retroarch yields a “cannot create directory” error for some reason.


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Not quite sure what’s going on there.
Perhaps a workaround for the moment (what I did) was:-

snap run --shell retroarch
mkdir -p $SNAP_USER_DATA/.config/retroarch

Then run retroarch again, and the window launched.

In case this information is useful to anyone else, the issue was caused by our recent addition of discord rich presence, which apparently tries to do some things with directories that are read-only in the snap. I’m planning to try and actually fix the problem at some point, but currently I just disabled that feature for the snap package.