Reserved random names?

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to reserve a name for gadget snap. Basically an adapted version of the universal pi gadget from github. I started with usb-serial-pi-gadget which seems to be reserved. Then I went for raspi-gadget-usb-serial which is also reserved. Then I added my name to it and tried to reserve meo2k1-raspi-gadget-usb-serial which is also reserved? Really? Then I went for raspi-gadget-usb-serial-sfgbdhghfbesdhw which is – guess what – also reserved…

Does anyone maybe know, how this reservation process works? :smiley:

The hint here is that all your requested names contain the word “gadget” :slight_smile:

Some substrings are indeed entirely reserved (e.g. gadget and kernel) - that does not mean we don’t grant them, just means that you do have to request it for us to manually evaluate your requested name and rationale and grant it if it sounds reasonable.

The screen that tells you the name is reserved should also have a “request this name” button or something, where you will be able to provide a rationale for the name you’re requesting and it gets sent to our queue for review. We usually review these pretty quickly.

  • Daniel