Required libraries for `password-manager-service` on minimal Ubuntu installations

Several users of our snap have reported problems related to the password-manager-service interface while installing on Ubuntu. Under normal installations of Ubuntu, this service should be available out of the box, but these users appear to be installing bare-bones components, meaning they likely need to install some libraries manually (seems funny, as we though snap took care of these dependencies automatically).

We’d like to update our documentation to help these users, but we’re really not sure which library or libraries are required for the password-manager-service on Ubuntu. These are some of the libraries we or our customers have tried using:

  • libgnome-keyring0
  • libgnome-keyring-dev
  • libgnome-keyring-common
  • gnome-keyring

Also, we currently have documentation for Ubuntu 19.04, 18.04, 16.04, and 14.04. We’re not sure if the same library or combination of libraries works for all versions.

For reference:

Any insight would be greatly helpful.

Been a week, and I haven’t heard anything yet. Can anyone help?

It’s been almost three months, and there’s no one that can help me? Our number of app users asking about this is increasing, and I’d really like to provide them a solution.

Hello - sorry for the lack of assistance on this. I’ll ask the team if they have any suggestions, and I’ll move this to the snapcraft category for hopefully better exposure.

I briefly attended the Snapcraft Summit last April and brought this point up with @Wimpress. He told me that someone would be addressing this gap in the documentation. Not trying to be a pain, but has there been any progress on this?