Requesting new track “22” for the "pc", "pc-lowlatency", and "pi" kernel snaps

Hello! To allow work to start on uc22 I’d like to request a “22” track for the “pc”, “pc-lowlatency”, and “pi” kernel snaps.


Hi there,

+1 on these tracks and I’ve created 22 for pc-lowlatency-kernel (heed the name discrepancy) and pi. Note that 22 for pc was created back in Nov 2nd at @xnox’s request

  • Daniel
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@sforshee is

  • in the kernel team
  • not a collaborator on any gadget snaps
  • requesting tracks for the kernel snaps, not gadget snaps. Although both have similar naming patterns.

I think sforshee is asking for 22 track on

Yes, @xnox is correct. Sorry that my request was unclear.

It was totally unclear :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve removed the stray 22 track from the pi gadget. The pc-lowlatency-kernel one is correct, so I left it as created. Created 22 for pc-kernel.

For pi-kernel the track nomenclature is more complex; for uc20 it has:


will you need a set of similar ones for uc22? (I haven’t created any tracks for pi-kernel pending confirmation of the above).

  • Daniel

I don’t think we yet know exactly what tracks are needed for pi-kernel, though it sound likely that we will need one or more of the other tracks. So you could either create all the same ones now so that we will be covered and not have to worry about it again, or else we can come back later once we know exactly which ones we will need. At minimum we want to get 22 created now though.

Let me know once you know what you need for pi-kernel. I have created 22 and it’s available now, at least. Cheers!

  • Daniel

@roadmr @sforshee

please no!!!

out of 20* tracks only “20” has kernel published.

the -* were opened in error when we were opening UC20.

Please close 20-pi4 20-pi2 20-cm3 20-pi3 as they have nothing published, and should not have anything published.

Ditto please close the 22-* tracks on pi-kernel, as only the “22” is needed on pi-kernel.

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“No” what? :stuck_out_tongue:

In accordance with earlier discussion, I will hold deletion of the 20-x tracks until I get confirmation from Seth, or someone in the kernel team (or existing collaborator to pi-kernel).

Per earlier I have only created the “22” track for pi-kernel.

  • Daniel