Requesting classic confinement: goofys

Hi there, I’d like to request classic confinement for the goofys snap.

goofys is a high-performance, POSIX-ish Amazon S3 file system written in Go. Its source is available here.

I am requesting classic for the snap because fuse-support is documented to only work for SNAP_(USER_)?(DATA|COMMON) per the available documentation for it, which wouldn’t make for a very useful tool specifically designed for creating FUSE filesystems elsewhere! I may be missing something, though - this is my first time making a Snap package, and my first time working with goofys too, so please be kind if I’m being stupid :slight_smile:

Thanks folks, appreciate your time!

At this stage this does not fall within one of the pre-existing categories for classic confinement - can you explain why goofys would not be usable if it only supported mounting at SNAP_(USER_)?(DATA|COMMON)?

@curtispf ping, can you please provide the requested information?

@curtispf ping, this request cannot proceed without the requested information.