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Hi, I would like to request the transfer of this Snap account from a personal account to a company one as a brand store. Our use case is for deploying Kiosk applications which are not allowed via the standard store, even when private. We currently have this account which has our desired snap. We also have a collaborator added to the snap.

PS. This is our second post, as the first met some miscommunication and got bounced around between teams.

Hi - do you already have a brand store? I remember you posted about getting one but I’m unsure if that process was completed.

I’m unclear on what you’re asking for here - if you have a snap in the global store that was created with a personal account, I can transfer it to an organizational account if you have one, and/or I can move it to your brand store where you can give it the permissions it needs.

Let me know if this covers what you need.

  • Daniel

Hi Daniel, We do not have a brand store yet. The process was not completed as there was some confusion. Therefore the new post.

We have a private snap on this account. I’m guessing it’s a personal account as I haven’t heard of an organisational account before. At the end of the day we need a brand account with the private snap in it which will allow us to distribute kiosk apps which usually fail the global store checks.

Hi there,

I checked your snap and the interface combination it uses is indeed reserved to brand store customers. It does not appear you have a brand store - we really would need you to have one (which is a commercial concern at this point, I can’t directly help with this or “give” you a brand store) before we can set up this snap to work the way you need.

You asked for a “company [account] as a brand store” - Unfortunately this is not a thing or operation that exists. A brand store is a “partition” of the global Snap Store hosting snaps meant for your company’s IoT devices. In the process of setting the brand store up, we take some existing accounts that you have designated as administrator, reviewer and publisher, and we “attach” them to the brand store. But without a brand store, these accounts are just normal accounts; even within the context of a brand store, an individual account does not have the ability to have permissions granted to a snap. This ability comes from the brand store itself, not the accounts.

When we talk about an “organizational” account, we usually mean a non-individual account within your organization, which we normally set up as the brand store’s administrative account. This is just a convention, it does not mean that the account represents the organization natively or that it has any additional privileges over snaps that it owns. By “organizational”, what we mean is an account that’s not owned by an individual (example, instead of Ideally, does not actually exist and is instead forwarded by your organization’s email administrator to whomever handles snaps at your organization at any point in time; this ensures that if for example, leaves the company, the alias can be reassigned to the next person and does not involve painstakingly migrating snaps to a different, current account.

With this long-winded explanation I hope things are clearer. One thing that might help me further guide you is understanding if your snap is meant to be distributed to any device/computer, or whether your organization intends to build its own hardware (which would be a good fit for a brand store); and also, under which criteria someone might be able to install the snap, in the case where it can be installed in any device.

I’ll keep an eye on this and try to help clarify things for you :slight_smile:

  • Daniel

Thank you Daniel, looks like we’re on the right track here.

In regards to your question about end usage. The snap will only be used on our own hardware (bunch of nucs attached to signs) running Ubuntu Frame. There is no use for individual users to access the snap.

This account ( can be used an an administrator account.

@roadmr Any update on this? We would like to start integrating our hardware soon.

Hi there, just want to make sure this request wasn’t forgotten.


I haven’t forgotten about it but I still don’t understand what the way forward is. Your original request “transfer of this Snap account from a personal account to a company one as a brand store” doesn’t make sense; I cannot transfer an account to another account. And I still don’t see “Sage Automation” in our list of brand store customers, nor have we received a request to create a Brand Store from our commercial department, so that path is also not one we can follow.

Can we take a step back? Can you please restate your request given what you now know from my explanation a couple of weeks ago?

  • Daniel

Hi Daniel, Apologies for the confusion.

I still don’t see “Sage Automation” in our list of brand store customers

I’m guessing this has not been done.

nor have we received a request to create a Brand Store from our commercial department

Is this the sales team? If so, we tried to request one, but they either cannot help or do not know how to.

Knowing this new information. We need a brand store created for SAGE Automation and have access to it. I’m guessing that setting up our snap on that store should be straightforward. That is all.

Hopefully this clears it up

For this you need to sign a contract with Canonical first, which usually happens though sales … AFAIK sales people have tried to contact you a few times without success. Brand stores are a paid service with an annual fee, the product is called SmartStart, the pricing and a contact link can be found at:

Thanks, we thought the Sales team was referring to buying any licence so that they could provide priority support. There was no mention about brand stores needing to be purchased, SmartStart, etc.

Anyway, this seems to be the solution and we will get back to the Sales team once we make a decision.

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