Requesting Brand Store for SAGE Automation

Hi, we would like to create a brand store for private use for our team. This brand store will be used for private snaps, the first being a Kiosk application which requires the elevated privileges.

We have contacted the sales team but did not get any further in our request.

AFAIK this is being followed up by the Field IoT team at Canonical but please let me know if there is anything else that you need.

Thanks! Good to know that is being handled, just checking up as it will be blocking our progress in the near future.

@sageautomation I have been informed that our ADR team has reached out to your side but has not received any response - can you check if this has perhaps been caught in a spam filter or similar? Thanks.

Hi Alex, unfortunately we did not receive any emails to this account or to personal accounts we have used for communication with the sales team. Spam folders and filters shows no results either.

@sageautomation thanks for letting me know - I have pinged the IoT Field team again to find out what is going on here - will let you know.

Hi @sageautomation, good day. I’m Nicolas, the sales representative on behalf of Canonical. It’s my pleasure to contact you.

Sorry for letting you feel down. We are actually had some meetings with your colleague already. His name is Sonel Prabhakaran. Maybe you two are from different functions. May we have your contact info? We will contact you asap. Thank you very much for your help.

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Hi Nicolas,

This is Sonel here, this forum post was hopefully to find the progress from those meetings, as it has been some time since. Please let us know the progress as the team needs to evaluate this solution and provision hardware, etc based on this.


As instructed by the Sales team I will be closing this post to create another.