Requesting auto-connection of personal-files to surc

surc is a tool I wrote to automatically get notifications whenever an upstream releases new version of their non-snap software, more details here [ANN] surc, a tool to notify of new upstream releases of projects

That app needs to read its credentials (for MailGun/SMTP) and configuration from ~/.config/surc-conf.yaml. Our current config location is ~/surc-conf.yaml and we are making use of home interface but @Lin-Buo-Ren thinks (and I agree) that we could make use of the personal-files interface.

So please grant auto-connection of personal-files interface to surc.

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Why is either home or personal-files needed at all? $HOME is set to $SNAP_USER_DATA which is ~/snap/surc/current and the snap is free to create ~/snap/surc/current/.config/surc-conf.yaml.

sorry for not being clear previously. The credentials are user specific and are not generated by the software, it only reads those i.e. if I install that snap on my computer, I would like to use it with my own MailGun (or SMTP) credentials and want it to send notification emails to addresses that I specify.

Here is the sample config

That’s a good point, considering that the snap is currently the only distribution. We should probably just instruct the user to create the config at ~/snap/surc/current/config.yaml

@om26er What do you think?

I guess that could work, previously I was aiming to make it work with both snap and non-snap environments but I guess this could just read from $SNAP_USER_DATA and if a person is running the code from source, then just fallback to read from the sample config.

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