Requesting auto-connect for snap plug 'hardware-observe' & 'ALSA''

Hello, I am respectfully requesting to add ‘hardware-observe’ and ‘alsa’ auto connections to our cluemaster-mediadisplay-core snap application that runs only on CORE os with ubuntu-frame.

Our kiosk-like core app has audio needs, so we integrated @Ogra 's latest pulse-server code into our application so we could have full audio sound control without the need for loading the older PulseAudio snap that is years old, has problems with HDMI audio, and is separate so we can not control outputs on core. To make the latest pulse-server code work inside of our snap, we require two auto connections, the ‘hardware-observe’ and the ‘alsa’, so the pulse-server code and see and identify audio hardware and send audio to HDMI outputs. We tested first by manually connecting these two interfaces and these are the two that make sound work. We are only using the audio-playback plug in our app which was manually approved the other day with the pulse-server code integrated.

Thank you for considering our request.

Hi. Can the @reviewers please vote? Thanks in advance