Requesting an additional track "24.10" for the "pc-kernel" snap

Could we have an additional 24.10 snap track for the pc-kernel snap. This matches our “normal” track naming for interim releases. (We use shorter 22/24 tracks only for aligned ucNN releases.)

I attempted to add this using the + Track menu item and it said I was not a collaborator on the snap, though I am listed as such. A colleague (@smb) also attempted to add it and had a json error popup in response?

Thanks in advance.


Hi, In this case, you were unable to create the track because you hadn’t created a track creation guardrail (TCG) for that snap, beforehand. The TCGs are regex patterns that will govern your snap’s track creations and should be requested to be added to a snap via store-requests forum posts. A recent example of this is Guardrail (TCG) request for home-assistant-snap - #10 by alexmurray as an example. Weird, I see you was a collaborator…we can dig into that later. feel free to pm me. I created the 24.10 track for you