Requesting aliases for git-lp-tools

gitlptools ships three binaries:

  - gitlptools.git-lp-approve
  - gitlptools.git-lp-open
  - gitlptools.git-lp-propose

These are intended as git plugins, exposed as git-lp-… such that git lp-… invokes the associated command.

In order to ease my users’ setup, I would therefore like to request aliases to match the manual ones

Command                    Alias           Notes
gitlptools.git-lp-approve  git-lp-approve  manual
gitlptools.git-lp-open     git-lp-open     manual
gitlptools.git-lp-propose  git-lp-propose  manual

+1 as reviewer - the command names (git-lp-*) seem namespaced enough on their own, developers who do use them would be more familiar with the git-lp-* than with an e.g. gitlptools.approve invocation (also namespaced but weird) and the names are non-conflicting and explicit.

(I guess you could name the snap “git-lp” and then get commands like git-lp.approve but that’s still a muscle memory retraining for developers and per my +1 above I think it’s fair to grant these aliases as requested)

  • Daniel
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Not related to the alias request

I don’t know the insides of these tools at all, but if they need to access git’s config (and I imagine a user of these tools would at least have an insteadof: lp thing in there), you could use personal-files as I did for icdiff.

hth, hand

Thanks, but unneeded, since it is classic. If you want to see what’s inside,

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I iz dum

+1 for the aliases (please note there are 5 more days left on the voting period)

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2 votes for, 0 against the auto-aliases. Granting. This is now live.

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