Requesting alias `mle` for snap package `mle-editor`

Hello all,

I am requesting alias mle for snap package mle-editor[0].

It is packaged as mle on various distros:




+1 from me - this matches the existing mle deb for the same software. Although I wonder if instead it might be better to register the mle snap name in the store and publish this snap under that name instead then there would be no need for an alias and the package name would match the existing name in the Ubuntu archive (and others).

Yes I have a slight preference for mle as well because the ‘e’ already stands for editor. However the feedback I received when trying to register mle was to use mle-editor and request an alias. They are avoiding 3-letter package names. I am fine with either name.

+1 for me as well for the ‘mle’ auto-alias.

2 votes for, 0 against. Granting use of the alias. This is now live.