Requesting alias for sam-cli

Hi all, I’m working on snapping the AWS SAM CLI. You can see the recipe etc. in this pull request.

I would like a default alias for sam-cli to be sam.

The name “SAM” refers to the “Serverless Application Model” which is a means of expressing an application in code. It is just a model and some conventions.

The SAM CLI is a command line tool that help users to create and deploy applications using SAM.

The binary for the SAM CLI is called sam (because it’s shorter and easier than typing sam-cli).

The command line tool is always referred to in documentation as “the SAM CLI” so I would argue that the snap name ought to be sam-cli to keep that distinction between the model and the tool. However, users expect to install the SAM CLI and find a binary called sam.

I’m happy to be schooled in The Ways of Snap on this but the long and short of it is that I suspect users will search for “sam cli” or “sam-cli” and expect to find a package named that - that’s the name of its package in other package managers.

As it’s coming up to a week, just prodding folks for comment :slight_smile:

Hi @stilvoid - apologies for the delay.

Given there seems to be no name collision I can find for sam - I’d say you’re good to have that alias. I don’t think it largely matters which snap name you go for. sam-cli makes sense if that’s the known internal name. There’s certainly a lot of *-cli snaps in the store. (I can’t do a snap find -cli interestingly, so had to bodge it a bit)…

$ snap find "cli" | grep "\-cli "
radiomanager-cli                1.0.101                cas-pluxbox        -        Bash RadioManager client
aws-cli                         1.16.129               aws*               classic  Universal Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services
yandex-weather-cli              1.13                   msoap              -        Yandex weather cli
true-cli                        0.11.0                 marlinc            -        True CLI client
verum-cli                       2.1.0                  scratso            -        The official Verum CLI interface app.
rigado-cli                      1.0+20190308-bc89831   cprov              -        Rigado CLI
gif-for-cli                     1.1+git                kz6fittycent       -        GIF's in the terminal
tarefa42-cli                    0.0.1                  gocarlos           -        simple todo app within the cli
testflinger-cli                 0.1                    pwlars             -        testflinger-cli
linode-cli                      v2.1.4                 felicianotech      -        linode-cli allows you to manage your Linode account from your terminal.
openstack-cli                   3.11.0                 joeborg            -        OpenStack Command-line Client
bosh-cli                        v5.4.0                 nullboxorg         -        BOSH CLI
andy-py-cli                     0.1                    andybulka          -        Simple python CLI test app
azure-cli                       2.0.25                 azpycli*           -        Microsoft Azure CLI
gif-cli                         0.0.3                  twom               -        CLI tool to search for gifs
bbk-cli                         1.1.0                  bredbandskollen    -        A tool for bandwidth measurement
telegram-cli                    1.4.5                  marius-quabeck     -        Command-line interface for Telegram. Uses the readline interface.
refstack-cli                    0.1+git                jdh                -        RefStack provides tools for the interoperability testing of OpenStack clouds
uappexplorer-cli                1.0.0                  bhdouglass         -        Browse uApp Explorer right for the command line!
snom-cli                        1.0                    gizmo693           -        Remotely control your SNOM phone
dev-time-cli                    1.9                    daniellivingston   -        Gets the local time of users in GitHub.
sqlmap-cli                      1.3                    shaner             -        Automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool
hranoprovod-cli                 0+git.5dc5d91          aquilax            -        Life metrics plaintext tracker

So +1 from me to having a sam alias in the sam-cli snap.

+1, makes sense and is reflected in the upstream source

+1 for the alias.

3 votes for, 0 against. Granting use of the alias. This is now live.

As per a separate discussion both on here and GitHub, I need to change the same of the package to aws-sam-cli - terrible timing as I’ve only just had a chance to get back here to update you and you’ve just made the alias for me - sorry!

The recipe has been updated and is ready to roll pending approval of this alias and the personal-files in another thread.

See for the up-to-date file.