Requested interface: network-control for NetVirt

I would like to request access to the network-control Interface. I’m the author of NetVirt, a network virtualization platform. The url of the snap is here: and the source code of the projects is here: The snap contains the netvirt agent used to connect devices to their virtual network.

Nicolas J. Bouliane

UPDATE: Clarification --> I would like the interface to auto connect !

Your snap has access to using the network-control interface, you just need to manually connect it after install with the ‘snap connect’ command. Is that not working for you or are you requesting that the interface be auto-connected?

Yes I would like the interface to auto connect ! Thank you for clarifying !

+1 to auto-connect this interface. It is a natural and obvious use case for the snap.

@reviewers, can the rest of you pile-on and vote please?

:+1: from me. The automatic connection of network-control is required for the intended use of this application.

Also +1, this interface auto-connection makes sense.

awesome ! what are the next steps ? thanks !

3 votes for, 0 against. Granting auto-connection of network-control to netvirt-agent2. This is now live.