Request use of personal-files interface in snap amz-aws-cli


I making a snap for AWS CLI v2 [ which doesn’t seem to exist already ]. There is one for V1 by AWS, but it doesn’t seem maintained.

It requires use of personal-files it modify files in ~/.aws

Source is here:

Manual Review has initially rejected it, saying I should request it’s use here in store-requests.

It would obviously make the snap much more usable if it was able to use the standard location for the config files, ~/.aws.

Is it possible to have this granted ?

It’s currently not publicly visible, but my intention is to make it does once it’s finished.

Cheers, Just

A community +1 as it seems to be proper usage of the personal-files interface.

Hey @nysasounds,

The requested access seems appropriate, but before proceeding with the voting, @Igor do you have any insight about the official aws-cli snap? I see the last revision was uploaded 1 year and 9 months ago so it seems it is not maintained as @nysasounds is pointing out.

I’ll see who the point of contact for this could be.

I can add a bit of extra context if it helps.

It seems with v2 there has been a slight change in regard to packaging, for instance they aren’t even publishing source to Pypi anymore. [ WARNING: long thread :stuck_out_tongue: ]

Here’s are a couple of issues on the aws-cli issue tracker specifically relating the snap:

Cheers, Just

Hi @emitorino and @Igor ,

Can I ask if there has been any progress ? Does my request have to be blocked by it ?

I’m pretty keen to get this published.

Cheers, Just

@Igor could you obtain any point of contact for the official aws-cli snap?

I’ve reached out to some contacts, hopefully they will come back.

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Hi @emitorino and @Igor,

Can I please ask again if there has been any progress.

If there has not, can I ask again does my request really have to be blocked by getting in touch with AWS ? Can the interface be granted anyway ?

It has been a over month since my original request, I will have to do more work on this snap very likely, but everything is blocked by the request. I appreciate your help, and I would very much like to move this forward now.

Cheers, Just

I’ve not heard anything back, so I think we should look for an alternative to get this moving forward.

Ok so looking at this request again - @nysasounds can you please name the personal-files instance to dot-aws to match the usual naming conventions?

Also perhaps it would be better to have a personal-files instance for just read permission to ~/.aws and then your snap can copy these contents (on first run) into $HOME/.aws (which will actually be ~/snap/amz-aws-cli/current/.aws which it can then modify as needed? That way you won’t need write permission to the real ~/.aws which would make me a little happier as a reviewer/. In this case, then I would be +1 for use-of a personal-files instance named dot-aws for read access to ~/.aws.

One last thing - do you wish this interface to auto-connected for your snap? If it is left as manually connected you could always use snapctl is-connected dot-aws to check and then prompt the user to manually connect it when needed?

Hi @alexmurray

Thanks for taking a look.

I have renamed the personal-files interface as requested.

When I was initially thinking about how this snap would work, I was anticipating making it use the default .aws/config location in REAL_SNAP_HOME directly. But, after your suggestion I do think it may make some sense to copy any current configfound in the SNAP_REAL_HOME location to the the snap HOME. If someone really wants to switch too the snap for their primary aws cli util, they can always create a symlink from snap home .aws to the real home .aws

i have updated the personal-files interface to read, and added a post-install hook to copy the files if there is a source and no destination yet.

Regarding interface auto-connection for personal-files, now that it’s read only. I would very much like that, yes please :+1:

Cheers, Just

I have just pushed the new revision for review.

Cheers, Just

Thanks @nysasounds - +1 from me for use-of and auto-connect of personal-files instance named dot-aws with read permission to ~/.aws for amz-aws-cli. Can other @reviewers please vote too?

+1 from me too for auto-connect of personal-files for read access to ~/.aws - this path stores AWS access/secret-access API keys which are required for generating API requests to access remote AWS resources, which is the primary functionality of the amz-aws-cli snap.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting use-of and auto-connect of personal-files instance named dot-aws with read permission to ~/.aws for amz-aws-cli. This is now live.

Great - thanks very much :+1:

Cheers, Just