Request: Transfer qbittorrent-arnatious to snapcrafters

I’m requesting the transfer of qbittorrent-arnatious to snapcrafters. There is still a pending invite to snap-advocacy that will need to be filled. The snap will also need to be renamed to just qbittorrent, I’m not sure if that should be done first.

Unfortunately snaps can’t be renamed, I’d imagine in this case it might just be a matter of making your snap listing private (or optionally asking for it to be unregistered, but this has some caveats involved, including being unable to reregister it yourself without then asking in the forum again).

Essentially, the Snapcrafters group would have to apply for qbittorrent directly through the normal means, since it’s a new snap rather than a transfer (though strictly speaking it might be transferring from whoever currently holds it, assuming someone does).