Request track for edgexfoundry project

I’d like a new track called “california” for my edgexfoundry snap. This track will hold snaps generated as part of our upcoming california release
For more details on the release, see:

I’d also like to request a track called “master” so that we can publish snaps from tip of master daily for edgexfoundry.

In principle I can approve this track without requiring more votes since the snap has existing tracks. However, I’m somewhat concerned about the similarity of track names. We created a “cali” track a few months ago:

are you certain you want “cali” and “california” tracks?

Now, I notice this request is for edgexfoundry, not for the existing edgexfoundry-core snap, so I may just be mixing my snap names. However, there is no edgexfoundry snap registered, so I’m assuming you did mean edgexfoundry-core (in which case I’d need some clarification with the track names as requested above).

This is what the edge risk is for (i.e. you can publish to latest/edge in this case). Does this fulfill your needs for the “master” case?

  • Daniel

HI Daniel,
Thanks for the quick reply! The lastest/edge track will indeed work for my “master” case.
Tony Espy (at Canonical) was the requester of the “cali” track on edgexfoundry-core. I work with him on the edgexfoundry project. Here is what I have so far in the edgexfoundry store; a registered snap name but no published snaps.

My registered snap names

Names you own but have not pushed a snap to:

Is there something more required from me?


Yes, could you please push (even if you don’t publish it yet) a snap build? This is why I didn’t see it initially and I in fact can’t add the track until a build has been pushed.

If you could let me know here when a build has been pushed I’ll add the track ASAP.


  • Daniel

Ok I did the hello world tutorial on the site and pushed that snap up. It is called “jptestapp”

Oh, apologies for the confusion! I meant push something to the edgexfoundry snap name.

  • Daniel

Ah ok! I’m a snap newbie still heh. Will change the name and publish there. I suppose I can delete this later?

if you just push it (snapcraft push), but don’t release it (i.e. don’t specify --release=blah or run snapcraft release afterwards), there should be no need to delete it - nobody will be able to see or install it, and the first genuine edgexfoundry upload will supersede it entirely.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions about the snap process, we’re here to help :slight_smile:

  • Daniel

Ok thanks so much for the guidance! Looks like it is pushed now "Revision 1 of ‘edgexfoundry’ created.

Indeed - I see it now. I have created the “california” track.

To use it, when releasing just specify the full track/risk name. For example, assuming you want to release your second pushed snap (not the first one, because that’s the bogus one you just pushed!) to the edge risk of the california track:

snapcraft release edgexfoundry 2 --channel=california/edge

Per what we discussed, you’ll likely publish builds to latest/edge, example to do a combined push/release

snapcraft push edgexfoundry-just-built_18_amd64.snap --release=latest/edge

and once that version has been tested and is ready to be released to users who are following the california track, do something like (assuming the previous upload was revision 75, just as an example):

snapcraft release edgexfoundry 75 --channel=california/stable

We have some pretty good documentation on channels/tracks here, and of course, you can always ask in the forum for any guidance you need.


  • Daniel