Request track 1 for EdgeX eKuiper snap


Here is a request for a 1 track for edegx-ekuiper.

I am currently maintaining this snap, which comes from the upstream lf/ekuiper project. Looking into its history, there is a predictable schedule for new releases: major releases 1-2 times per year, minor releases about 10 times per year.

The EdgeX team plans to have dedicated store tracks for each major release of the application (e.g. track 1 for semver version 1.x.x). We plan to stage this into edgexfoundry snap and be able to pull the latest stable release for each major.

Please let me know if you need more information.

Thanks in advance, Mengyi

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Hi there,

Since other edgex snaps already have tracks, I’ve gone ahead and created your “1” track (+1 from me as reviewer).

I have a question though - other edgex snaps use 1.0 for example, would you like to adhere to that pattern? (I can change the name of your track provided you haven’t published anything to it yet). If not, 1 is fine.

  • Daniel
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Thank you, Daniel.

No, the “1.0” pattern is not needed as this snap doesn’t need a minor release track.

The reason we didn’t need the minor in the channel name is because this snap is the packaging of a third party application which isn’t developed by edgex. We are interested in the semver major and backwards compatibility.

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