Request to use alsa interface for Blinken

Blinken from KDE is a game which wants to use Alsa for its sounds. Can we get the auto connect?

ping ping?
ping ping ping? (posts need lots of characters)

Auto-connecting alsa is problematic since many soundcards are incapable of multiplexing and the pulseaudio or new audio-playback interfaces are meant to be used for things like games. It is possible to configure alsa within a snap to have alsa use pulseaudio instead and I suggest you pursue this instead since it will provide a better experience for your users. This has been discussed here: Problems with alsa on gradio snap

@lucyllewy, @popey or @Wimpress should be able to advise on how to do this. (As an aside, if this isn’t documented somewhere, we should do this (cc @degville; also, if we have something, we can update the alsa interface page and the review-tools to point to this).