Request to revoke/remove the following snaps --> tsun, mpc-qt, wine-platform-i386

I no longer want to use or maintain the snaps mentioned on topic title so requesting it to be removed from my snapcraft account.

  • tsun
  • mpc-qt
  • wine-platform-i386


I can perform the revocation for the mentioned snaps. Note that this will unpublish the snaps as well, making them uninstallable.

Please make sure you absolutely want to remove snap name from existence (which also means you will never, ever again in the history of the universe, be able to publish a snap under these names, so you’d better be absolutely sure you want this!). I think this may be what you want but I wanted to be very clear on the dire consequences of making this decision.

Note that other people will be able to register these same snap names once you’ve revoked/relinquished them. But they will become unavailable to you for all eternity.

Once you confirm I’ll perform the revocations.

  • Daniel

I agree with the removal procedure and accept the consequences with full awareness.

Done; I’ve revoked the requested snaps.

  • Daniel
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