Request to join snapcrafters and maintain mattermost-desktop

Hi @popey, @Wimpress, @evan

This is my request to become a maintainer of the mattermost-desktop snap in the snapcrafters namespace. It is currently broken and unmaintained, my PR to fix it has been sitting idle for 14 days.

My github username is galgalesh. I’m also working on a snap for a Belgian photobook-creation app, but that isn’t yet ready to be released.

Hi @galgalesh! Apologies for letting your PR languish. I note @evan has picked it up.

Thanks for offering to maintain the snap. I have added you as a collaborator in the store, so you should get an email about that. I’ve also added you as a collaborator to the snapcrafters team on github.

Let me know if there’s anything I missed! Thanks again!

@popey, Great, thanks! Can you also make me maintainer of the mattermost-desktop github repo itself?

Done (I think). Please check.

@popey, yes, that works, thanks!

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