Request to auto-connect system-files plug for cloud-init data in Canonical Livepatch


The canonical-livepatch Snap had added a new plug called “read-run-cloud-init-instance-data-json” to read cloud-init data stored in /run/cloud-init/instance-data.json. This is in order for the client to gather what cloud/region/availability-zone the machine is running on. This information will be used as part of new functionality to roll-out patches in a tiered way across public/private clouds.

This is the third system-files interface on the client, further, we haven’t yet uploaded a Snap that includes the new plug - should that be done first?

Hi @kian90,

No need to upload now the new revision of the snap since it will fail the review-tools check and fall under the manual review queue. As I understand your request, the snap wants to add this new plug

    interface: system-files
    - /run/cloud-init/instance-data.json

I agree with the use-case and +1 on granting system-files interface

can other @reviewers please vote too. thanks

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+1 from me too but for consistency, can you please drop the read- prefix so it is just called run-cloud-init-instance-data-json - thanks.

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Perfect, I’ll change the name as desired. Thanks

@alexmurray @0xnishit Just poking the thread, I’ve changed the plug name as suggested. Any further votes needed?

@kian90 there is a 7 day voting period - so after a couple more days this can be actioned.

+2 for, 0 against. Granting auto-connect for system-files interface named run-cloud-init-instance-data-json. This is now live. thanks

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