Request: Show end users how to uninstall a snap

Put in in the commands to uninstall a snap app in the snap store. Users that don’t use the terminal often won’t know the “snap remove package name” command once an app has been installed.

How is this different from any other packaging system on Linux?

Does apt tell you how to remove software?

How do people uninstall software installed from stores on other platforms?

Android: Drag and drop icon to ‘uninstall’ or long press and tap ‘uninstall’
Windows: Go to Add/Remove programs, find the software and remove, or open the Windows Store, find the application and uninstall from there
iOS: Long press on icon, then tap the (x).
MacOS: Drag application icon to the Trash can. I couldn’t find a remove icon in the MacOS App Store.

On Linux: Open Ubuntu Software (or KDE Discover on KDE), find the application and click Remove.


From :

sudo snap remove <package>