Request removal of wpe-webkit-libs

I’m the publisher of wpe-webkit-libs, and I’m hereby requesting this snap to be removed from the global store.

It was a stopgap solution to bring down build times of my wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk snap, but I have long switched back to a bundled approach. I do not have the time to maintain the libraries-only snap as it’s not trivial to build, and would rather not publish a completely outdated browser engine.

I can’t look up current usage stats since the snapcraft dashboard is unavailable as of this morning, but I guess it’s negligible and mostly test installations.

Hi there,

One thing you can do is snapcraft close all the channels, that way the snap will become uninstallable by anyone.

You can also set it as “unlisted” so it doesn’t appear in searches.

If you really want it deleted please let me know and I can totally revoke it. You should be able to check your metrics now to see how many people would be affected (people who already have the snap, though, will not be affected - they can keep what they have)

  • Daniel