Request plugs/write-home for getenv


getenv copies your .env files from a source dir you provide to the current
working dir
. You can also copy all the .env files in your working
directory to the source directory.

This request lacks enough information to act upon it (‘plugs/write-home’ isn’t a thing). I can say that you can ‘plugs: [ home ]’ which will give you write access to everything in the user’s home except ~/snap and ~/.<files> and this is auto-connected on classic distributions. Is this what you were asking about?

From the look of it, you could get similar behaviour by replacing your write-home plug with the existing home plug. This is not identical, since it would not provide access to dot files in the base of the user’s home directory, but it’s not clear it’s needed by the examples in your README file.

As a bonus, your snap would probably pass automatic review if it was just using home.

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Ah yes, looking at the snapcraft.yaml this is more clear. Please just plugs home instead.

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Thanks guys, that will do just fine.
I used poor choice of words / wrong plugin name.

I dont need the . files. Well, the program stores it’s config in ~/.config, but I’m sure I can use the snap $HOME env for that with a bit of code ;).