Request personal-files permission for reading ~/.aws/{config|credentials} in apig-swagger-ui


apig-swagger-ui is a tool that can generate swagger-ui website by surveying APIs in AWS API Gateway. In order to access the user’s AWS account, the tool uses AWS’s official SDK which expects configurations and credentials to be configured in ~/.aws/config and ~/.aws/credentials files.

Since those files are under the hidden directory ~/.aws, the “home” interfaces does not help. “personal-files” interfaces is needed for reading those files.

Can I request an approval of this usage? The source code is available at . Listing page is not available yet maybe because this is the first release. I already have this added in the description:

Prior to using this tool, please ensure that you are logged into your AWS account using a suitable command line tool like aws, saml2aws, okta-aws, or similar.

Please note that this tool is not provided or endorsed by AWS, and if you want it to utilise your AWS credentials and configurations stored under ~/.aws, you will need to explictly grant it the permission to do so either through GUI or sudo snap connect aws-serverless-dataflow:dot-aws-config-credentials.

Thanks, James

Hi @james-hu

I am +1 on granting use of personal-files interface having read access to $HOME/.aws/config and HOME/.aws/credentials files, but without auto-connect since this snap is not the owner of the ~/.aws directory.


+1 for use of personal-files without auto-connect to dot-aws-config-credentials

+2 votes for, 0 against. Granted personal-files without auto-connect to dot-aws-config-credentials. This is now live.