Request - personal-files interface for HTTPie

HTTPie can be configured to use a custom configuration folder.

The default folder is $HOME/.config/httpie, but we also want to keep $HOME/.httpie for backward-compatibility reasons.

Another capability is to use the HTTPIE_CONFIG_DIR environment variable to set the folder to a custom location.

The request is to allow read-write accesses to:

  • either $HOME and all hidden subfolder (to allow HTTPIE_CONFIG_DIR to be set using arbitrary hidden folders in the $HOME folder, but I get it that it could be too general);
  • either $HOME/.config/httpie and $HOME/.httpie.

Thanks in advance,

I went with the less intrusive version: allowing only $HOME/.config/httpie and $HOME/.httpie. I’ll generate a package and wait for the human review (I am not sure I should have done it before the requests or not).

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Since httpie is the clear owner of these path, granting write access to these is possible - since httpie is also a deb/rpm etc though it could be installed as both a snap and as a native package etc - can you confirm whether sharing this configuration between a snap installed httpie and a natively installed version would not cause issues?

I confirm this will not cause issue. Actually, it will solve the current behavior being different whether you run http from the snap package or from the .deb/pypi.

The configuration file and all other stuff stored into those hidden folders are installation-agnostic and version-agnostic too.

Excellent, thanks for confirming - +1 from me for personal-files accesses for write to $HOME/.httpie called dot-httpie and write access to $HOME/.config/httpie called dot-config-httpie.

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