Request password-manager-service auto-connection for notifi


I am developing an app notifi for sending push notifications to devices.

I do not require the user to sign up and instead send a key for them to store as a sort of password locally that is why I would like to store in the password manager. I could however just store in a file if you would prefer?

I am also not massively a fan of the isolation of the password manager :frowning: how come it isn’t like apple keychain where an app can write and then read only the one they have written to without requiring a password?

Thank you


In general (as you noted) since the password manager is shared across all applications (both snaps and non-snap applications) we do not usually grant auto-connect for this as it exposes the users other credentials to the given snap plus it exposes the snap’s secrets to other apps as well. As such I would recommend you store the password in a file perhaps as this at least will isolate it from other snaps. Hopefully once xdg-desktop-portal gains support for a password manager / secrets service then this could be auto-connected as it would be isolated from other snaps/apps but for now I vote -1 to this request.

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I am -1 as well for auto-connect password-manager-service to notifi. I also suggest this snap stores the “sort of password” in an area private to the snap.

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@maxisme ping, could you make your snap work without auto-connecting password-manager-service?


0 votes for, -2 votes against, not granting auto-connect of password-manager-service to notify.

Hello, Sorry for the slow respones. Yes I can - I am just writing to a file instead. Thank you!

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