[request] kDrive (AppImage to Snap)

Project information: Sync client for Infomaniak kDrive (cloud storage). Open source software that was originally forked from Owncloud a long time ago, but is only available as an AppImage.

Name: kDrive

Homepage: https://www.infomaniak.com/en/apps/download-kdrive

License: GPL

This is a closed-source app. How can we make a snap for this app?

Apparently it is GPL but I’m not sure where the source code is hosted. In any case, would it be possible to wrap the AppImage into a Snap?

Well, that’s of no use. It’ll essentially increase the burden

try here:

Thanks, will try. Kindly check my latest issue, which is quiet a serious one.

This hasn’t been updated since 2021 though, I have a feeling they have stopped updating the public source code.

It would still have multiple advantages over the AppImage, such as better desktop integration, automatic updates possible, appears in Snap/Ubuntu Store, no need to have fuse installed, …

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