Request for v2 & v3 track for graylog-snap


The graylog application introduces large changes between version 2 and 3 so we would like to have separate snap tracks for them.

The tracks should be named:

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+1 from me, it sounds like good use case for tracks; these applications tend to be both non-compatible-between-major versions and users are likely to want to stick with a specific major version.

Why not name the tracks β€œ2” and β€œ3” though? (v2 and v3 are not terrible but tracks don’t typically use the β€˜v’ prefix).

We need a 7-day waiting period from the time the request was started, we’ll give a bit of time for other reviewers to chime in.

  • Daniel

I’m generally +1 as well, but echo @roadmr’s suggestion to ditch the β€œv”.

@tcuthbert hey can you confirm whether 2/3 (with no β€œv” prefix) is acceptable?


  • Daniel

roadmr I have no attachment to with β€˜v’ sounds good to me.


I’ve added tracks 2 and 3 to graylog.


  • Daniel