Request for using classic

my snap name is ”another-redis-desktop-manager“, repo in , and I need set confinement to classic.

I need permissions as below:

  1. access to user-selected id_rsa file in their computer to make a ssh-stunnel to connect internal net Redis instance(the id_rsa folder may not limited to~/.ssh/, depends on users)

  2. exec user customed commands such as /bin/php /home/xxx/unseialize.php --value {VALUE} to unserialize their value in Redis (they may select ‘/bin/php’ through a file dialog, and access to their script files)

Thank you for your review

@ogra @roadmr @alexmurray @emitorino , could you review this request?

Hey @qii404,

I see your latest revision is successfully published using strict confinement, is plugging ssh-keys and is setting PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH which looks like the best approach to get the permissions you are requesting meanwhile ensuring your snap runs with the least privileges. Can you confirm this is still not enough?


@qii404 ping, can you please provide the requested information?

pong, I’ll have a try, thanks for your reply!

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@qii404 - ping, this request cannot proceed without the requested information?

We notice that the new revisions for this snap are not requiring classic anymore so we are removing this request from our review queue. Thanks!

hi @pfsmorigo @emitorino , now I want to request again, here are some reasons:

  1. I use node to get font list, which exec fc-list to implement it, but now it cannot work well image

  2. Custom script is allowed in App, our users can customize any script and exec them like /home/qii/.nvm/versions/node/v14.18.3/bin/node xxxx.js --a --b, but now it cannot work well