Request for username "neovim"

I’m currently in the midst of helping neovim devs get a snap in the store.

They would really like to use the name neovim, but apparently it is taken. How do we go about getting the name?


The username namespace is shared with Launchpad, and as you noted, there is a neovim team to whom the name is allocated:

We’ve seen this with other projects that have existing Launchpad teams, and the pattern we’ve used is registering a neovim-snap or similar username to publish the snap under.

Let me know if this works for you.

  • Daniel

So is this to say, that because someone squatted on the account there is no means to recover it?

PS I believed the team neovim, was taken on launchpad by a squatter. There is no activity with the account.

The actual launchpad account for neovim is:

Should I be asking the launchpad team to release the account to the actual neovim team?

That’s not what I said :slight_smile: see below, there may be other options.

This account was created after the neovim account, which makes me suspect the neovim folks ran into the same “the name is already taken” situation you see here, and they chose a variant of the neovim name, just as I suggested you could do for the snap. Note that it’s not necessarily the only option, see below.

You can certainly ask and provide the rationale you explained here (the current owner seems to be a squatter or at the very least entirely inactive with regards to neovim). The proper place would be here.

  • Daniel
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