Request for uinput support in bluez

For managing keypresses from some bluetooth headsets access to /dev/uinput is required for the bluetooth daemon.

The latest build in the 20/edge channel has this interface plug added to the bluetoothd binary but is now failing the release.

Please allow the uinput interface for the bluez snap.


Reading the bluez source, I see:

ver 3.22:
  Add basic uinput support for AVRCP.

AVRCP is the Audio/Video Remote Control Profile for doing things like play/pause/stop. The bluez source uses uinput in profiles/audio/avctp.c (and somewhere else on android). This appears to be used by bluez to take events that the bluetooth device is giving (eg, play/pause/stop) and injecting them into the system via uinput. The bluez snap is also from a vetted publisher.

+1 for use of uinput for the bluez snap (I would not be opposed to auto-connection, but I confirmed with the requestor that this is not desired at this time).

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+1 for use (but not auto-connection as discussed) of uinput for bluez snap.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against. Granting the requested use of uinput for bluez. This is now live.

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