Request for Tux Paint snap

Hi there, this is Bill Kendrick, lead developer of Tux Paint. It’s an open source drawing program for young children that was first released back in 2002, and is still being maintained today. It’s available for Linux, Windows, macOS, Haiku, Android, and (unofficially) iOS.

Overall, it’s a libSDL-based program (like many games out there, including a bunch I wrote before and since creating Tux Paint), though being a kind of ‘productivity’ tool, it has a few other dependencies for dealing with image files (PNG, SVG, JPEG, GIF), localization (gettext, FriBiDi), and TrueType Fonts.

Along with source code and RPM packages that we release ourselves, Tux Paint is also available as a FlatPak, DEBs for Debian and Ubuntu, and .tar.gz’s for Slackware. Based on all this, I’m hopeful that it’ll be easy to create a Snap out of it.

Tux Paint comes as 3 main pieces:

  • “tuxpaint” (the main program, magic tools, data (sound effects, UI graphics, and content brushes and templates), and documentation),
  • “tuxpaint-config”, an optional FLTK-based GUI for managing Tux Paint’s configuration file, and
  • “tuxpaint-stamps”, a large collection of cartoon and photographic artwork that can be placed (“stamped”) inside drawings – it comes separately because it’s quite large

Anyway, thanks for your consideration! If Tux Paint is made available as a Snap, I’ll happily mention this over on the Tux Paint website’s download section!

Thanks in advance,


Do I understand it correctly that you’re requesting someone to make the snap package for you?

Why don’t you just do it yourself. It’s often quite forward, and the docs are good and you might start off with some tutorials.

Thanks. I guess I didn’t realize I could do it myself. When someone asked me about getting Tux Paint turned into a snap package, they suggested I come here to propose it. :slight_smile: I’ll take a look at the docs and tutorial and see if I can do it. Thanks!