Request for tracks: tapyrus-core, tapyrus-signer

Hi, I’d like to request tracks be created with the following name

  • 0.4

on both of the following snap?

  • tapyrus-core
  • tapyrus-signer

The current stable version is 0.4.0 but we tapyrus developer don’t guarantee compatibilities between major releases such as 0.4.x and 0.5.x.

Thanks in advance if I missed some necessary information.


This request makes sense and backward incompatibility is typically a good reason for tracks.

Do you have a document explaining/detailing tapyrus-{core,signer}'s release schedule, plans or cadence? how often are releases made?

  • Daniel

Hi, there’s no public roadmap right now however we upstream developers (and also snap package manager) will make a major release per year, minor releases quarterly.

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+1 from me, the release cadence and planned schedule sound reasonable for tracks.

(We’ll wait a few days for others to chime in, and tally votes at the end).

  • Daniel

+1 for a 0.4 track on both tapyrus-core and tapyrus-signer.

By the way, @chaintope, welcome to the community!

@kyrofa Thank you for welcoming me!

Thanks for your patience!

With +2 votes, I’ve created the 0.4 track on both requested snaps.

  • Daniel
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